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100% Non-Toxic natural Pore purifying and Detoxifying Mask

With Marine-activated Charcoal and Bamboo Powder. Great for acne-prone skin, combination to normal skin, and yes oily skin too!

Treat yourself to spa-style skincare at home with these luxurious masks that are made with marine activated charcoal, bamboo powder, and a proprietary blend of essential oils for a supple, glowing look. This mask will detoxify your skin while purifying your pores, so say goodbye to those blackheads!

Add a scoop to a separate bowl and apply to the face using your fingers or a brush (Underdermis Hypoallergenic brush is great!). Let it dry for at least 5 minutes and remove it with plenty of water.
Use our microfiber face towel for amazing results- a microfiber towel damped with warm water will help remove all impurities.
Please avoid “double-dipping” since it can transfer bacteria from your skin to your product. Our products use the minimum amount of preservatives (if any) needed. The best procedure is to transfer the amount that will be used at the time to a bowl and discard the unused portion.

Bentonite Clay, Activated Charcoal, Indigo Naturalis, Bamboo Powder, Water, Glycerin, natural tocopherols, lemongrass essential oil, Optifen (a natural preservative)

3 reviews for MIDNIGHT ONYX MASK

  1. Margie Douthit

    This helps brighten my skin and makes it feel so fresh and clean.

  2. somi bonne

    I use this mask and it refreshes my skin.

  3. Odalys

    Love love this mask. I have acne and oily skin and this mask works wonders!

    • underdermis

      Thank you! We really appreciate your support and the fact that you like the natural ingredients of the mask.

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