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Skin Hydration Facial Essence with Thermal Water and Lavander Essense

Our Hydration Dew helps balance skin with antioxidants and natural lavender buds extracted in thermal water, making oily areas less noticeable and skin more even, smooth, moisturized, and protected. It is an essential step in any skincare routine to renew skin after cleansing. Is formulated with thermal water from a pristine spring and lavender bud extract, fortified with hyaluronic acid.

A daily facial essence that balances oily skin, minimizes enlarged pores, and provides light hydration.
• Refreshes and nourishes the skin
• Lightweight fluid formula
• Use twice daily after cleansing skin

A two-minute daily cleansing routine removes the accumulation of dirt, impurities, and makeup residue.
Our products are made with ingredients that are fresh. We use the least amount of preservatives (if any). Please discard the product after 6 months.

Apply hydration dew throughout the day to reactivate hyaluronic acid and hydrate skin. Do not rinse. Follow with the rest of your morning or evening skincare routine. For daytime, finish with a broad-spectrum sunscreen rated SPF 30 or greater. We recomend DermaSPF30+Sunscreen

Thermal Water, Lavender Buds extract, hyaluronic acid, preservative

The minerals in thermal water appear to have antioxidant properties that some studies suggest help neutralize free radicals and possibly reduce sunburn risk. Reduce inflammation. Thermal waters have been shown to calm irritation from harsh skin treatments like retinoids and reduce skin inflammation in eczema.

The antibacterial properties of lavender fight bacteria and help clean out your pores. With the aid of anti-inflammatory properties, lavender will help to calm skin and reduce the swelling that can accompany acne and other irritations


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